Marshall DSL Schematics and board info

When looking at the schematics for a DSL, you must first be aware of the board numbering scheme used by Marshall. The DSL has 5 boards, each one having its own board ID, board Rev and Issue number.

The boards are identified by a Board ID as follows: JCM2-xx-yy where «xx» is the board number and «yy» is the board revision number. This board ID as a whole identifies the board itself at the hardware level. A different board revision number can mean different components and traces so when looking at schematics, you must ensure that you have the proper schematics.

Each board also has an Issue number. The issue number applies to a Board ID and is used to track soft changes to the schematics that don’t need a change of board layout. The issue number is printed on the boards and the first visible number after the word «issue» is the issue number.

Marshall DSL History   

The Marshall DSL was introduced in late 1997 and replaced the JCM900 series. This marked the return of the all valve signal shaping path in their flagship amplifier. The DSL also marked the re-introduction of the EL34 valve. Marshall had been working with SED (Svetlana back in 1997) from St. Petersburg Russia to develop a quality EL34 as supply of a good quality EL34 was non-existent at the time.

The DSL was well received and highly anticipated and was one of the most flexible amplifiers of its time, and still is.

In 2001, a Limited run of one hundred DSLs were produced in Orange Tolex and were nicknamed «Orange Crunch».

In 2005 (?), a limited run of DSL 100SS-Cs were produced in silver tolex and chrome faceplate.

In 2009, the special edition 1923 DSL was released, celebrating Jim Marshall’s 85th birthday.

In 2009, a limited run of  «MLB» DSLs were released with levant style tolex and black piping, along with a cheaper 4x12 cab

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Marshall DSL in the press   

These articles are from out of print magazines, which don’t exist anymore. I was never able to get permission to put these on here because I can not get in touch with either magazine or writer anymore. If you are the owner of these reviews, let me know.

- The Guitar Magazine (UK) DSL 50 review, February 1998: 1997DSL50Review.PDF

  1. -Guitar Shop (US) DSL 100 review, November 1997: 1997DSL100Review.PDF

  2. -Guitar (US) DSL 401/201 review, May 1999: 1999DSL401201Review.PDF

Marshall DSL Parts Sourcing (board components)

Below are PDF files that depict each board’s components and a part number for sourcing from Mouser Electronics (eventually). Simply open the file, mouse over the component you’re interested in and you’ll get the component reference from Mouser. Credit for the PDF files goes to “Buggs Crosby” from the Marshall Forum.

Marshall DSL 50 & DSL100 Signal Flow

PDF Files of the signal flow in a DSL 50 or DSL 100 Head. The diagram was done by Lane Sparber  (NY City amp tech and Marshall Forum member) and is made available here with his permission.

Marshall DSL Bias Procedure

Marshall DSL Voltage Chart