Building the SG, Part I

This is a special project. I will be building a Gibson SG with my son who has started playing guitar this past year and has shown a true interest in learning the instrument. He loves the look and feel of the SG so his 1st guitar will be exactly that. He’s played a few guitars and he knows what he wants.

The specs are very specific and are based on a ’65 Gibson SG with some tweaks to bring it to his taste. He came up with this:


The neck

  • Maple/Wenge/Maple/Wenge/Maple neck shaft, 13 deg headstock angle.
  • Wenge fretboard, bound with thin maple strip and wenge (like on the lacewood Jem in my portfolio)
  • Block MOP inlays
  • MOP side dot inlays
  • Stainless Steel frets
  • Soft C carve
  • TonePros*Kluson TPK33 nickel tuners (See here)

The Body

  • Honduran Mahogany
  • Full face ’65 SG style batwing pickguard
  • Cherry Red color
  • TonePros AVR2G-N. This is the vintage ABR-1 style bridge but with nylon sadlles with a nickel finish, which is what you’d find on a ’65 SG (See here)

The Electronics

  • Gibson Classic 57 Neck Pickup with nickel cover
  • Gibson Classic 57 Plus Bridge Pickup with nickel cover
  • 3-way switchcraft toggle switch with cream tip and cover
  • Black top hat with chrome cover vol/tone knobs


Next up will be the neck, pickup and bridge placement plan.

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