2010 Cherry Burst Ash Strat

This guitar is a Cherry Burst Strat made from Northern Ash. The grain is very nice and the wood is heavy, which makes for a nice, bright sound without being strident, with a very tight low end.

This guitar has some special features on it with regards to pickup and neck placement. You’ll notice that the neck pickup is closer to the neck, right under where the 24th fret would be and the bridge pickup is further away from the bridge. All pickups have been shifted towards the neck. This helps in getting a better bridge tone and the neck tone is warmer without being boomy, thanks to the Van Zandt pickups and the guitar’s woods. The Van Zandts are absolutely superb in bringing exceptional tone.

The specs are as follows:

  • 2 Piece Northern Ash body
  • Birdseye Maple Neck with tilt back headstock
  • Flame Maple Fretboard
  • Stainless Steel fretwire
  • Abalone dot markers
  • Tusq XL nut
  • Planet Waves locking tuners
  • Boogie Rails Tremolo with stainless steel saddles and brass block
  • Van Zandt Blues Strat pickup set.
  • Fender CTS volume pot, Fender Delta Tone neck tone control, Fender TBX Bridge control
  • 2 Way Truss Rod
  • Waterbased Lacquer finish
  • Tung Oiled neck.

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