2013 Ocean Pearl Mahogany Single Cut

This is another prototype guitar I built to try out some ideas. It has some experimentation that turned out very nicely, like the recessed TonePros TOM bridge, the splittable direct mounted pickups, the ebony truss rod cover, the 1/4 sawn birch neck with flame maple fretboard, the *almost* 1piece ribbon grade Honduran Mahogany body, the neck join, the flame veneer with binding. There’s a lot of different ideas on this one guitar.

The pictures don’t do this guitar justice. The depth of the flame and burst really comes out nicely on this one and the green/blue abalone dots repeat the body’s colour scheme all along the neck.

This is my last guitar with this style of headstock and this particular logo as I will be moving on to my own, more unique designs.


  • Ribbon Grade Honduran Mahogany with flame maple veneer top, bound in white ABS. The body is pretty much a 1-piece body with a small, approx 2” wide piece added to make up the body width.
  • String through setup with recessed ferrules on the back.
  • TonePros TOM T3BP bridge.


  • Waterbased Lacquer.


  • 25.5” scale, quartersawn birch with 12” radius flame maple fretboard.
  • Flat Headstock.
  • Abalone dots
  • ABS side dots (glued in with lacquer thinner – that’s why the black bled a little into the surrounding maple so the lines aren’t super crisp).
  • Finished in a thin coat of shellac.
  • Comfortable Medium C profile. Approx 21mm at 1st fret, 22.4mm at the 12th fret and 23.3mm at the 15th fret.
  • Nut width of 42.2mm
  • TUSQ XL Nut
  • Jescar FW55090-S Stainless Steel fretwire. Crown dimensions: 0.090” x 0.055”
  • Progressive fret end bevel for maximum playing surface while retaining a smooth feel.
  • 9-46 GHS Boomers Strings.
  • 2-way adjustable trus rod with headstock adjustment
  • Ebony, curved truss rod cover.
  • Gotoh vintage style 16:1 ratio tuners.


  • Total weight is 3.74kg (8.5lbs)


  • Jon Moore Custom hand-wound pickups. They are a Gibson T-Top inspired pickup with an A5 magnet but with a little more output and coil split. The coil split sounds convincing in single coil mode. Thank you Jon for doing such a great job on these pickups. They compliment the guitar very well. Check out Jon’s website here: http://www.tonefordays.com/
  • 500k volume control and push/pull coil split. Pulling the control splits both the neck and bridge pickups. The coil with adjustable pole pieces is the one that is active in split mode.
  • 500 Tone Control with 0.022uf cap
  • Switchcraft Jack with football shaped plate
  • 3-way pickup selector.

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